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True WNY Premier Training Program for college prospects


BSA is an elite-level premier training program for college prospects. The BSA brand is well recognized as one of the best player development programs in the Northeast.


After successfully developing and establishing a true girls and boys premier program that put BSA on the map with the biggest D1 college programs in the northeast BSA is now turning it's attention and focus to younger players by introducing the FUTURE STARSCOLLEGE PROSPECTand premier teams.


 Our reputation as a true and legitimate player development program with an established resume is well documented. See BSA Crusaders U16 girls program, where numerous college programs have actively recruited from this roster. The list of  these schools include: Ohio State, University at Buffalo, Western Kentucky, University of Pittsburgh, Villanova, Delaware, Duquesne, and many others. 





 Prepare for the college recruitment process. Send us an email or call 510 8031 and we'll show you how. 



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Monday: Jan 21st 

12:00 - 2:00 PM

Location: Sportsplex

Cost: $25