BSA Premier Academy

The BSA Premier Academy program consists of elite youth teams that play in the U16-U18 categories of the U.S. Soccer matrix.  The Premier Academy was created to identify and develop top local 16-18 year old prospects who want to play College Soccer at the next level.  The Premier Academy was developed to identify and develop those age groups to play showcase tournaments and leagues around the Northeast.  Premier teams will play Region 1 Premier League and play in the best showcase tournaments in the Northeast to ensure all games are meaningful and highly competitive and also attract the most college coaches attention.  College coaches regularly attend Region 1 games as well as the tournaments, so players are not only evaluated over the course of the season but also are shown the process of college recruitment.


BSA Developmental Academy

The BSA Developmental Academy program consists of select teams in the U14-U15 age groups that play in the U.S Youth Soccer Association Region 1 and NY West Programs.  The Developmental Academy was created to have this age group not only gain experience playing outside of Western New York in the Thruway League thru NY West but also start to develop the knowledge of playing Region 1 in the Northeast.  This Academy is where the development advances into understanding the commitment level associated with being able to not only play in the Premier Academy but later on playing at the college level.

BSA Junior Academy

The BSA Junior Academy program focuses primarily on individual skill development at the U8-U13 age group.  The goal of the Juniors Academy is to prepare players to be successful in advancing through the Academies BSA has to offer.  Focus is on preparing players for a soccer environment in their latter years.  It is designed to teach them technical as well as tactical skills and overall knowledge of the game.  We focus on teaching not only RIGHT things, but moreover teaching them the RIGHT way with an emphasis on long term development rather than short term "wins".  We are striving to create solid learning experience by eliminating the "must win" stress.  

We Focus on 4 major themes in this Academy

1. Ball Mastery

2. Shapes and Support

3. Small-Sided Environment

4. Independent Player

This Academy is the most important part of becoming a Premier level player.  The knowledge and techniques they learn in these early years leads to longer term information retention and higher levels of skill acquisition.