College Recruitment

The BSA program is specifically formulated for the premier level player that aspires to play collegiate soccer.  The BSA program focuses upon the most important steps that allow our players to be successfully recruited at the colleges and universities where they wish to play and pursue their education.  The key to the program is the incremental approach to developing technical and tactical skills coupled with the reputation that BSA’s Director of Coaching, Henrik Ambarchian, has earned with major collegiate programs.


OLLEGE PROSPECT PROGRAM- REGISTER to attend December 12th Meeting.


Phase I - For High school sophomores, juniors and seniors. 


  • Start building your college PROFILE/resume NOW
  • NCAA eligibility rules
  • How to register as a prospect with NCAA
  • Choosing a college
  • Communication with coaches
  • Setting up visits within NCAA guidelines
  • Admissions process
  • Financial aid process
  • Get advice from previous participants attending college (as scheduled)
  • and more....

Phase II  - 

  • Ball skills
  • Position specific training
  • Team concepts
  • Speed and agility training
  • Core strength and balanced physical training
  • Begin building your college profile/resume now
  • What are college coaches looking for...



Phase I- $75 per month or $800 per year

Phase II - $80 per month (6 sessions)

Phase I and II - $135 per month

Space is very limited. You can call (716) 510 -8031.


Henrik Ambarchian                               0.jpeg

Henrik Ambarchian has worked in soccer, soccer related organizations and the sports industry for over 25 years. He is the founder of College Prospect Program and Buffalo Soccer Academy which a large number of players have used as their platform to jump start their college recruiting process, gain entrance into college of their choice and for many, obtain athletic scholarships. 

Soccer Coach: Henrik has worked with hundreds of players at the youth/high school, College and professional level. Most recently, his 1999 BSA girls team had players receive athletic scholarships to Ohio State, Marshal, University of Buffalo, Youngstown State, Delaware, Duquesne..... and has fielded championship teams at the local and national level.

General Manager: In addition to managing indoor sports facilities Henrik has also served as a general manager at the professional level and has vast experience on the administrative side of dealing with US soccer, US youth soccer and many D1, D2 and D3 college coaches.




 We will be fielding team in various age groups for showcase events to generate exposure and much needed experience for our players.




A vital, but often overlooked, part of the recruiting process is the role of the club coach.

Player, Parent and Coach

The BSA Director of Coaching assists the player in identifying the appropriate level at which the player can expect to be recruited and with the identification of clinics and camps.  At BSA, this open line of communication between the player, parents and coach is paramount and always an ongoing process.


Recruiting School and Coach


Due to NCAA rules, most of the preliminary conversations with the schools recruiting the players takes place between the collegiate coaching staff and the recruited player’s coach.  BSA Director of Coaching, Henrik Ambarchian, is the former General Manager of the WNY FLASH, women’s professional team.  He brings a wealth of experience in player identification and relationships established with college coaches seeking to have their college players drafted into the professional leagues over several years.  BSA has developed a stellar reputation for developing skilled players that can play at the highest level of soccer.  The Director of Coaching spends hours every day speaking with college coaching staffs advocating for all BSA players trying to match each player with the best program fit and to secure athletic scholarship money.

 V. Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t colleges wait to recruit until Junior or Senior year of High School?

No, Colleges begin identifying players starting with Freshman and Sophomore players. Active recruiting starts Junior year. 

Don’t I need to play in a certain league to be seen by top colleges?

No. College coaches will always find talented players in most competitions and showcase events. Any team accepted and placed in higher brackets in these select events will generate exposure for their players.  Our players receive an incredible amount of exposure through Showcase Tournaments, college ID clinics and camps  Our players have been scouted and selected by top Division I teams in the nation.

Do all Division 1 & II players receive athletic scholarships?

Per the NCAA website, between 53-56% of athletes receive some form of athletic money.  This is a very limited amount of athletes as only 2% of high school athletes receive athletic scholarships. 

How many scholarships does each Division I women's soccer team receive for the entire team?

Each team has 14 Full Scholarships. Most colleges offer partial scholarships to increase the amount of recruits.  Many colleges have up to 25-30 partial scholarships players also full scholarships are hard to come by.