Player Development

Buffalo Soccer Academy Player Development

BSA is striving to become Western New York's best soccer club by changing the current local youth soccer culture for our players.  Our club is player-centric. When you focus on the individual and their growth we believe a natural direction will be team success.  By connecting our teams together with this common curriculum and encouraging player movement and training opportunities within the club not only will you have player development but you will have team success as well.  The BSA way, our model for successful player development will build our player's confidence and creative abilities and accelerate the learning process.

College placement for our players will remain a priority and we will place a large number of them into college programs by developing technically sound players, educating them on the college recruitment process via our college preparation program, and networking with our existing college contacts in the area as well as country wide.  Our goal is and will continue to be to develop our youth players to be ready to play in college.

The BSA Player Development system consists of 3 levels, with each level crossing over with the one below/and or above.  The goal of the program is to ensure that each step is connected, giving players an opportunity to develop and advance throughout the system.